Some organizations look to streamline the user experience of onboarding members into Venture OS, as it may be integrated into their existing larger systems.

If you send a pre-approved member an Express Join-enabled link, all custom onboarding modules are skipped and they can join instantly after login.

This requires you to enter critical information in the URL construction as a query parameter:

FieldRequiredDescriptionURL Parameter
emailtrueThis email address must already be invited. email
displaynametrueNon-unique, most visible identifies of the user. This is typically the first and last name of the user. displayname
handletrueUnique handles on the Seed Labs network. If non-unique, user will be prompted to enter a unique one.handle
organizationtrueThis is the path to your unique group. You can input the human-readable version (e.g. “test-group”) or the raw ID (e.g. “0x2194a16eaf30e867fc5977bd6a60b9b1c14c79eb). This field is required even if you are using the whitelabeled version of the product. organization
redirectfalseYou can take someone directly to a particular part of the app after the express onboarding completes. redirect

Note that all values must be URL-encoded.

Using the parameters above, the following powerful workflow can be enabled:

  1. Invite 100 email addresses to your Venture OS from the members tab.
  2. Construct a URL for each user:


  1. Then when a user clicks on this link & after login:
    1. If they haven’t joined before, they will be onboarded in the background and immediately go to the Deals tab/the redirect you have specified. Their handle and display name will be automatically added in, preventing a prompt to enter handle and username.
    2. If they have joined before, they will immediately go to the Deals tab. Handle and display name will not be updated.